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Sophie Housey

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My Goal Is Simple:

Inspire the next generation of swimmers through my experiences 

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My Story

Former Michigan Swimmer

My goal is to help young, talented swimmers take their performance in the pool to the next level. Growing up, I could have used someone to help me navigate the recruitment process, training cycles, and the lifestyle needed to become an elite swimmer.

I was a B1G 10 Champion, All-American, and All-B1G 10 during my time at Michigan. I know what it takes to get to the next level and I want to help young athletes achieve their dreams.

I have the unique perspective of being in the transfer portal for an extended period of time, competing at the highest levlels in college, and training with injuries. I am ready to help the next generation of swimmers to achieve their goals!


Mentorships - January 5th Start Date


1:1 Mentorships

My 1:1 mentorship is a one month program that will totally be catered to you with the goal of helping you get faster in the pool and to help you get recruited. This will be one call a week for a month that is an hour long totally geared to you. We will outreach to colleges together and help improve your times.


My goal is to coach you up to hit your goals and achieve what you are capable of.  This plan is for anyone who wants to become a division one swimmer. I will help you get there and teach you what I did to reach the division one level.

This will include technique, mental training, workout plans, confidence building and much more! 


Group Mentorships

I will be hosting group mentorship sessions once a week that will help you emerge as a better swimmer in the pool


This is a program to improve your times, mental game, and fitness.

1 call weekly to help you get faster. I take a wholistic approach to improving my game through the little things like my mental game, sleep, technique and much more.


The first session starts January 5th and will occur on every Thursday evening during the month of January.

Free Training Program

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I am offering a free plan to help you get faster in the pool! When I was an athlete, I put in countless hours of work in the pool and in my workouts.

Fill out the form below and you will recieve an email with my training program attached!

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